Scalable System Design

A 4-week live program on system design fundamentals with workshop-style sessions with the instructor, access to the community with your peers, and regular feedback. The course will help you learn the basics of designing large-scale, mission-critical systems correctly.

By Dhaval Trivedi

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Who should join

Software Engineers with less than 3 years of experience
Engineers & Leaders who want to revisit the concepts
Tech co-founders of early-stage startups

Topics to be covered

Understand building blocks of an application at scale
Database trade-offs (SQL / NoSQL )
Power of In-memory Databases & Queues
Teardown of real-world systems
Micro-services - When & How?

Meet your Instructor

Dhaval Trivedi

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I started my career as one of the early engineers at HackerRank. After spending ~1.5 years, I joined Rentomojo to lead the initial team and build a scalable subscription infrastructure from scratch. In my last year at Rentomojo, I was leading the technology front as VP of Engineering and scaled our infrastructure to 20x from the initial days. Most recently, I was working with Unacademy as Sr. Engineering Manager and led the test experience pod in the tech team.

Community Manager

Navneet Sharma

I'm a co-founder at Airtribe. Most recently, I was a Product Director at Unacademy. I'll be working with Dhaval on this course and help him design an immersive cohort-based learning experience for the course participants.


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Arink Verma

Senior Engineer, Rippling
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Abhinit Modi

Senior Engineer, Google
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Prasun Jain

Sr Director of Product, Razorpay

Why choose a Cohort based course?

Learn and grow with a tribe
Be part of an exclusive and private community filled with people who will support and grow together. Courses are designed to facilitate peer learning and interaction through breakout groups, community activities and group projects.
Engaging Live Sessions
These are not like recorded online classes that you do in isolation. The sessions are designed to increase engagement. In this course, they won’t just deliver a lecture, they’ll engage the class, facilitate breakout discussions, and leave plenty of time for Q&A.
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Ensuring feedback and accountability
You will get regular feedback throughout the course. And since this course is going to have live classes and community, this should lead to more accountability to drive your likelihood of success with the course.
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Akash Daga

Engineer, Groww

If you want to get a headstart on System Design this should be the course you should be relying on. You will get a great mentor, some new friends, a community which will push you to keep working on yourself. Overall a very useful course with lots of …

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Rutuja Jadhav

Engineer, Microsoft

One thing I really liked about the experience was the accountability in the learning experience brought in through the cohort-based learning style and have your questions answered real-time. I was fortunate enough to see the effect and use of program…

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Viral Kapoor

Engineer, Amazon

I'd highly recommend this course for people looking to move to senior developer roles, who would like to learn about about all the different aspects of software development from an expert in the field and get to participate in very interesting guest…

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Scalable System Design

Join the waitlist to be notified when enrollments open for the next cohort.

Join the waitlist to be notified when enrollments open for the next cohort.

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